As you know, cryptocurrency market is one of the best financial markets for investment, many people have entered this market and made huge profits by buying and selling digital currency.  You can also invest. For this you need to know the various tools. An encrypted wallet or purse is among these devices. The X-Fi wallet is also an example of this wallet. For this reason, in this article we want to give you an explanation about the XDEFI wallet. Let’s explore the features of the X-DeFi wallet and teach you how to operate the X-DiFi wallet so that you can save and save your money in this wallet.

What is X-deFi Wallet?

The XDEFI wallet is one of the most popular wallets for storing and maintaining cryptocurrencies, which was launched in 2020. This wallet belongs to the category of online wallet or hot wallet. Please note that the X-deFi wallet can be installed on either the Android or iOS version. You can enjoy the features and capabilities of this wallet by installing it on your smartphone. It is interesting to know that the XDEFI wallet is one of the most trusted digital wallets in the cryptocurrency market, which works in a decentralized manner and supports DeFi tokens and web applications in addition to cryptocurrencies. You can also install X-Fi Wallet in Google Chrome extensions. This wallet supports various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. The deX-Fi wallet has a high level of security because it works in a decentralized way.



What are the features of the X-DeFi wallet?

As we said before, XDEFI wallet is a kind of extended and multi-chain wallet that supports various blockchain networks and you can also store and store your NFT tokens in this wallet. This wallet has many features and functions that make it unique. Here’s a look at some of the X-Fi wallet’s features:

  • A feature of the X-DiFi wallet is that this wallet is used to send, receive and store more than 9,000 cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Turchain, Polygon, Avalanche, Bitcoin, Binance China etc. which are invested in the network.
  • XDEFI Wallet is an insecure wallet and does not have access to user assets. Additionally, this wallet never stores your recovery phrase, password or personal information. Basically, you have complete control over your data and funds.
  • Another feature of the X-deFi wallet is the ability to exchange and convert tokens. It is better to know that all digital currencies available in this wallet can be exchanged. This way you can change the amount you want in this wallet.
  • Another feature of the XDEFI wallet is the online display of NFT collections and the ability to directly explore NFTs within the wallet.

Introduction of native token XDEFI

Note that the XDEFI token is the local currency of the XDEFI software wallet, which is based on the ERC-20 network. The delivery of this money at the beginning of 2021 was carried out by IDO on the Sushi Swap exchange, its price is $0.65. Among the uses of this token, we can mention the payment of fees, the provision of liquidity for blockchain-related projects, staking and storage and voting. To invest in this token, users can purchase it from an exchange that supports XDEFI.

Use of XDEFI tokens

This digital currency has various uses in the XDEFI ecosystem apart from using the XDEFI token during betting. One of these requests is the opportunity to participate in X-deFi community polls. Token holders can comment on the future plans and plans of the project, new products and devices, payment distribution, and share their ideas with creators to improve the ecosystem. Another feature of the XDEFI currency is the use of decentralized payment and integration programs.

The idea, called Gas Tank, allowed its creators to ease the process of paying fees and expenses. The gas tank actually acts as a reserve fund and XDEFI token holders do not have to worry about paying gas taxes and payments by locking assets in this tank. Since the communication and use of decentralized applications sometimes require the use of multiple tokens and complex payment processes, the communication and use of such applications can be achieved through this mechanism.

Another thing that can be mentioned with XDEFI token capabilities is the use of special features that only token holders can benefit from. Although the manufacturers have not yet revealed more details on the matter, it seems that we will see the unveiling of these exclusive and special features in 2024.


What is the meaning of wallet in digital currency?


What currencies does wallet X Defi support?

XDEFI digital currency wallet from various blockchain networks such as Bitcoin (BITCOIN), Ethereum, Turchin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin Network, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrom and Binance Smarn China supports and you can store and maintain tokens based on these networks in this wallet. In addition, this wallet will support the Cosmas and Tezos networks in the future. X-Fi wallet is one of the most reliable software wallets in the market where you can send, receive, store and store different cryptocurrencies in this wallet.

Regarding the advantages of X-deFi wallet, we must mention the number of networks and coins that this wallet supports. Support through Discord and the website is one of the advantages of this digital wallet.

the last word

The X-Defi wallet is a tool that provides the ability to securely store digital assets, as well as a large and versatile ecosystem that can meet the needs of different users. The support of 10,000 different digital currencies, the ability to exchange and display different tokens along with the connection to decentralized applications and the ability to make bets have put the XDEFI wallet in a higher position than its counterparts such as Metamask and Phantom wallet. This wallet has many features including high security, support for various networks, simple user interface, and more.

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