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One of the main pillars of the digital currency network is the hash algorithm. Hash algorithms provide network security and greatly affect the speed of network transactions. The ProgPoW algorithm is one of the most popular hash algorithms based on the Ethash algorithm, which is used in the Ethereum digital currency network. This algorithm is considered as one of the Ethereum mining algorithms. ProgPoW and Ethash mining algorithm are ProgPoW algorithms in which proof of work can be programmed and each network can program its optimal proof of work method.

Introducing the ProgPoW algorithm

The ProgPoW algorithm is considered a short form of formal proof of work and is a reliable proof of work. Sometimes called PorgyPoW. This algorithm is based on the GPU-compatible Ethash algorithm to reduce the performance gap on fixed processing devices. Generally, adversarial algorithms and advanced tools are used to improve mining efficiency. But the ProgPoW algorithm does the opposite and changes the hardware and the algorithm. If the algorithm is to work, it must be compatible with the input methods and the available space in the mining facilities. Therefore, AMD has a significant increase in performance on Ethereum, and its memory acquisition methods and chips are compatible with the Ethash mining algorithm.

What is the ProgPow algorithm?

This algorithm is a blockchain protocol consensus algorithm designed to reduce the mining efficiency advantage of specialized hardware such as ASIC miners over less advanced machines such as standard CPUs. This means that average participants can mine coins. Since the first ASIC Bitcoin mining machines were built and used, several new developments have been made to the original proof-of-work algorithm with the goal of becoming ASIC resistant. ASIC resistance is designed to avoid concentration of proven mining power, allowing the protocol to be easily manipulated by a few leading participants.

ProgPoW algorithm innovation

Two important points about the ProgPow algorithm; The design of ProgPoW started with Ethash and this algorithm was developed to make maximum use of the GPU. Hashes generated by the Keccak function and used at the beginning and end of Ethash have changed from f1600 and 64 bytes per word to f800 and 32 bytes. Also, F1600 requires at least two instructions to run on the graphics card. Since the GPU has a 32-bit data path, a 64-bit word must be read at least twice to read. The Ethash algorithm does not use any additional data processed by the f1600. Therefore, reducing data bytes and word length in this algorithm does not affect security.

Who created the ProgPow algorithm?

Said algorithm was developed by the IfDefElse team. This team consists of Mrs. If, Mr. Def and Mr. Else. It is interesting to know that all the members of the team have kept their identity secret, except Mrs. If, whose real name is Christy Lee Minhan. The team focuses exclusively on proof-of-work mining algorithms. Christy Lee developed the famous OHGODANETHLARGEMENTPILL miner for overclocking Nvidia GPUs.

How does the ProgPow algorithm work?

The ProgPoW algorithm assumes that each inner loop of the memory access, which is an iteration of the problem-solving process, is defined as a program that generates random numbers based on the desired block number. This program is designed for efficient operation of GPUs, suitable for mining and extraction, and uses more performance of graphics cards. This action makes the process more efficient.

Creating random arrays makes it impossible to create an efficient hardware production line; This is what ASIC manufacturers do and specialize in. In other words, we can say that the ProgPoW algorithm needs flexibility, and ASIC cannot be removed in this case. In fact, versatile and flexible equipment can be a good solution. ProgPoW is very popular in this case and uses the full capabilities of the graphics card (except for communication channels and floating processing units) and constantly changes the mathematical problem during the mining process. GPUs can adapt quickly, reducing the performance gap compared to ASICs.

It is not true to know that the creators of ProgPow had to exclude AMD and Nvidia in order to adapt the algorithm to equipment made by different manufacturers, including AMD and Nvidia. Anyway, in the end, the IfDefElse team worked with Nvidia and AMD engineers to ensure neutrality. Both companies liked this idea and welcomed it. The reason for this is that ASIC resistance makes graphics cards perform better and more reasonably. As a result, this problem could lead to more sales for Nvidia and AMD. Of course, it should be noted that currently AMD and Nvidia have not played much of a role in this field.

What is the ProgPow algorithm?

Hash level in ProgPow algorithm


One of the most important factors for controlling mining algorithms is the hash rate of the algorithms. In fact, the hash rate shows the performance speed of the algorithm and determines how quickly the algorithm can hash data. Of course, the hash speed is not only dependent on the mining algorithm, but the mining hardware also has a big impact on the hash speed. The above table shows the hash rate of ethash algorithm and progpow algorithm in different hardware. Memory bandwidth consumption is also calculated in the two algorithms. The actual hash rate percentage in the bandwidth column is calculated as the theoretical hash rate when 100% of the GPU memory bandwidth is used, which is impossible in the real world.

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