According to market statistics, in April 2021, the Ethereum network announced a new update. This update was introduced in the form of the Berlin Ethereum hard fork. Those who have now bought Ethereum in their investment plan and know the price of Ethereum know very well that the hard fork means a fundamental change in the blockchain network that creates a new digital currency with new features and ts good performance. At the same time, it does not hurt to return to the previous network and cryptocurrency. The problem now is that Ethereum started the Berlin Declaration to improve, improve and reach Ethereum 2 in its blockchain network. To learn more about the Berlin Ethereum hard fork and its impact on the network, we would like to review this update in this article, stay with us until the end of this article.

Understanding the Berlin hard fork of Ethereum

The Berlin Ethereum Hard Fork is the most important update to the Ethereum network in 2021. The upgrade includes several optimizations for smart contracts, additional security measures against DDOS attacks, and Ethereum gas fee fixes.

Berlin When did the Ethereum hard fork occur?

The Berlin Update was originally scheduled for mid-2020, but was delayed due to various network issues. The Ethereum Berlin hard fork update was released in March 2021 on several testnets, the first being Ropsten on March 10, followed by Goerli on March 18 and Rinkeby on March 24.

How does the Berlin Ethereum Hard Fork work?

The Ethereum Foundation has announced that the Berlin hard fork involves the deployment of four Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs): EIP-2565, EIP-2929, EIP-2718, and EIP-2930.

What is the most important Berlin Ethereum?

There are several updates to these EIPs. including gas price adjustments, smart contract improvements, and other technical updates to improve the overall performance of the Ethereum network.

Four EIPs of the Ethereum Berlin hard fork

In this section, a summary of four different Ethereum improvement proposals implemented by the Berlin Ethereum Hard Chain will be discussed.

EIP-2565 ModExp Gas Cost is set to reduce gas costs for various operations on the Ethereum network.

:EIP-2929 Gas prices increase for model access codes. When first used in an operation, it has settings to increase fuel consumption for SLOAD, CALL, BALANCE, EXT, and SELFDESSTRUCT. Additionally, this EIP is clearly aimed at mitigating the largest remaining Ethereum DoS attack vectors.

EIP-2718: This proposal introduces a new type of transaction, a wrapper, to more easily facilitate and support different types of transactions.

: EIP-2930 Optional Entry List. The purpose of this proposal is to restore changes to existing contracts. Additionally, this EIP is expected to moderate the rise in Ethereum gas prices that coincided with the opening of EIP-2929 mentioned above.

Berlin Ethereum Update, the new world of the Ethereum network

As we said, when an update is released in the form of a hard fork for the blockchain network, it means that the Ethereum blockchain code has changed. Now that we are aware of this problem, it is better to know that the hard fork Berlin Ethereum has been added as a hard fork and in four different proposals with the aim of improving the smart contract with the reduction of gas fees or service charges . He improved the Ethereum blockchain network and wanted to pave the way for Ethereum 2.

Tips for updating Berlin Ethereum

For example, the Berlin Ethereum update was introduced with the aim of reducing the fee or gas price for transactions based on the modular view, that is, by using one of Berlin’s plans, the cost before compiling the modular view will be reduced.

In another project called EIP-2718, Ethereum provides a new model where previous transactions can be combined with new and diverse transactions of the new version to create a new model that suits them. Plans 2929 and 2930 are also trying to reach Ethereum 2 and pave the way for Ethereum 2. In Plan 2929, Berlin basically wants to stop Ethereum denial-of-service attacks caused by Opcode transactions. Using this plan, the processing time and gas rate of these transactions will increase.

In plan 2930, in addition to creating a new transaction for users, a list is also given to them and they can use it to create new ads to reduce the gas rate. The Berlin update was able to improve the Ethereum network to provide special features, and while improving this network, it can be considered that it will also affect the sale of Ethereum and the price of Ethereum.


What is the reason to use Berlin Ethereum Hard Fork?

Every update is very important, especially if it is released as a hard fork, and there must be a serious and important reason behind it. Here are some of the most important reasons to use the Berlin Ethereum Update:

Ethereum network limited capacity

Although Ethereum is one of the most popular digital currencies, it is becoming more and more popular every day and attracting more and more people. Therefore, in order for the Ethereum network to control who wants to buy Ethereum, it needs to increase its capabilities by speeding up operations.

What is the most important Berlin Ethereum?
Increasing the payment

When the number of transactions increased, many people began to buy Ethereum, many people showed interest in the price of Ethereum, which ultimately led to the fact that the network could not respond, so the price of transferring assets on the Ethereum network has increased. found, so updating Berlin is necessary.

Network scalability

One of Ethereum’s problems is scalability, which is very important in this network.

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