You might be questioning whether or not it is advantageous to trade cryptocurrencies using a strategy known as swing trading since there are so many methods to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. Or maybe you are curious in which cryptocurrency is the most suitable for swing trading. Or maybe you just want to learn more about swing trading in general, including what it is and how it works.

The excellent thing is that swing trading is common with investors of all levels of experience. This means that novice traders frequently discover remarkable progress when experimenting with it and even trying to add it to their trading plan toolkit; more experienced traders, meanwhile, may profit from advancing swing trading with new perspectives.

In this article, we will provide you with information about swing trading and examine the advantages and disadvantages of this cryptocurrency trading method and examine the difference between daily trading and swing trading for you so that you have information in this field and you can make profits using this strategy.

The digital currency market is a new and emerging market that has been welcomed by many investors and market traders due to its large price growth in the past years and has become one of the most popular financial markets. You can also enter the cryptocurrency market and earn a lot of profit by buying and selling coins.

What is swing trading strategy?
What is swing trading strategy?

What is swing trading strategy?

This is a trading strategy in which the trader tries to profit from price fluctuations in the short or medium term. The goal of this strategy is to catch market fluctuations, which is done over several days to several weeks.

Swing trading strategies are the best method in highly traded markets. If there is a strong trend in a higher time frame, swing trading opportunities abound and traders can make the most of the price swings. But using this method in a neutral market does not seem very appropriate, because if the market moves neutrally, there will be no large price changes to gain profit.

The digital currency market has a lot of price fluctuations, and these fluctuations provide opportunities for traders to earn a lot of profit. In this way, you can take advantage of these opportunities and make huge profits from price fluctuations. To earn more profit, you must have a good trading strategy for yourself. For this purpose, it is important to understand and examine the difference between daily trading and swing trading.

If you are active in the digital currency market, you have probably heard this term and wanted to get information about this strategy, and maybe you have also asked the question, what is swing trading? In response to this question, we can say that it is a type of transaction that tries to get short-term to medium-term profits from stock within a few days to a few weeks. Traders in this type of trading primarily use technical analysis to find trading opportunities to make a profit.

These traders may use fundamental analysis in addition to analyzing trends and price patterns. Also, this is a type of trading strategy in which the trader tries to gain profit from crypto price fluctuations in a short or medium period. The goal of this strategy is to catch market fluctuations, which is done in a few days to a few weeks. The swing trading strategy is the best method in markets with many transactions. If there is a strong trend in a higher time frame, there are many market opportunities.

How do swing traders make money?

As mentioned, these traders aim to profit from price fluctuations that occur from days to weeks. In this way, these traders stay in positions longer than day traders and less time than long-term investors.

They usually use technical analysis to create a variety of trading strategies, although not as much as day traders. Fundamental events can occur over weeks, so swing traders may also use fundamental analysis.

In this method, price action techniques such as candlestick patterns and support-resistance ranges as well as indicators are used to conduct transactions. The most used indicators for swing traders are the moving average indicator, RSI indicator, Bollinger bands, and Fibonacci lines.

Alongside exact crypto signals, They usually work with medium or high time frame charts, because a strong bearish or uptrend is confirmed in the high time frame, but they may also work with lower time frame charts such as one-hour, four-hour or 12 hours to determine the entry and exit points of the transaction. For example, finding a breakout or pullback on lower time frames can be a good signal to enter or exit a position.

Although the most important time frame for swing traders is the daily chart, the strategy of investors and traders can be different for each of them. Remember that the issues raised in this article are not definitive rules, but we have tried to mention more general issues.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of swing trading?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of swing trading?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of swing trading?

As we said, this method is a type of trading that tries to get short-term to medium-term profits from stock within a few days to a few weeks. This strategy has many advantages and disadvantages that you should be familiar with to make the best decision to use this strategy. For this purpose, we try to examine the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy in this part of the article.

·         Advantages

This trading strategy has many advantages that make it popular with traders. Some of these benefits are:

          The priority of technical analysis: the fluidity and ease of the technical analysis process increase the speed of traders in finding opportunities to enter the trade.

           More returns in less time: in this strategy, traders are less present in the market than long-term investors, and at the same time, their profit collection is not less than short-term swingers.

          More efficient use of time: compared to traders who trade daily and close all their positions at the end of the working day, swing traders spend less time analyzing and checking the market and controlling their transactions.

·         Disadvantages

Along with the many advantages that swing trading brings, it also has disadvantages that you should be familiar with. Some of the disadvantages of this strategy are:

           Paying more fees: Swing traders have to pay more fees to the digital currency exchange to keep their trades open.

          Fluctuations at the end of the working week: At the end of the working week, the financial markets are unbalanced with the number of buyers and sellers, and the market fluctuations increase, there is a possibility of a sudden activation of the profit limit or the loss limit of traders.

          Sudden change in the market trend: in some cases, the market may change the trend or a change in the main trend due to the publication of important economic and political news or the entry and exit of whales and liquidation of the open positions of traders.

          Loss of maximum return: the profit from this method is often lower than the profit of long-term investors.

Comparison with other trading methods

This strategy is one of the digital currency buy and sell methods that experienced traders can use to make significant profits. By reviewing the types of trading methods that are categorized by time frame, we find that swing trading is an intermediate method in terms of time frame. To make things clearer, in the list below, the types of trading methods are given according to the time frame.

In the day Trading method, traders do not keep their open positions for the next day. A trader can make several trades daily. It should be noted that due to the short period in daily trading, these transactions will have little profit.

Swing Trading: The trader enters at a suitable point according to the identification of a short or medium-term price trend. These transactions can be done within a few days to several weeks, and if the price trend is recognized correctly, they can have good profits.

“Position Trading” (Position Trading): Based on the fundamental analysis of the desired cryptocurrency, position trading is done over longer periods than swing trading, and if the fundamental analysis is correct, it can be more profitable than swing trading.

What’s the difference with day trading?
What’s the difference with day trading?

What’s the difference with day trading?

The difference between day trading and this strategy is the time the positions or trading positions are open. Swing trades usually last more than one day and night. While day traders close their positions before the market closes and before the end of a full day. If both traders trade the same amount, swing traders usually trade with smaller volumes, while day traders trade with larger volumes. A volume that can be done with 25 or more leverage.

Swing traders look for more price changes per trade than day traders. Traders are making more trades per day and, as a result, are monitoring the market much more. Swing traders aim to profit from price movements that last longer. Because these moves are larger, they can bring significant returns even from the few trades they make.

Day traders usually only use technical tools for their analysis, but swing traders usually use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis, with more emphasis on technical analysis. In contrast to these, investors may not consider technical analysis at all and only invest based on fundamental analysis.

Which method is better for you? Swing or day trading? Where do you see yourself in the bottom to top, technical or fundamental time frames? Answering these questions will help you figure out which trading strategy is best for your personality, trading style, and investment goals.

You may consider your strengths and choose a trading style that best enhances those strengths. Some prefer to enter or exit a trade quickly and not have to worry about open trades while sleeping. But some make better decisions when they have more time to consider all possible outcomes and interpret their trading plans.

You can try different strategies to see which one is better and you can get better results. You can also make your trades on paper before implementing the strategies in your real trading program.

Swing trading can be an ideal way to start trading. Because with a longer time horizon (which is not too long), decisions can be made calmly and trades can be easily controlled.

What is the process behind crypto swing trading?

variety of market activity, however higher timeframes, such as everyday and weekly graphs, provide a distinct view of the market’s long-term trend while simultaneously filtering out the background noise. Therefore, increasing the duration results in increased clarity of market information.

What kinds of indicators and other trading tools do swing traders utilize?

Techniques like as rolling averages that are superimposed on hourly or weekly candlestick charts, trend signals, price range instruments, and measurements of investor confidence are some of the tools that swing traders utilize. The head-and-shoulders formation and the cup-and-handle pattern are two examples of the kind of technical patterns that swing traders keep an eye out for.

Is it smart to trade crypto on the swing?

The trading technique known as swing trading has the potential to generate profits; nevertheless, it is a very difficult method since the time frame that you are working with is more on the average of a medium size. You have the option of using either technical indicators or fundamental analysis when choosing your asset.

After keeping an eye on the prospective threat monitoring of that commodity, you will next track the transaction in question until it either rises to or ranges inside the region you have designated as your objective.

Swing trading strategies

Swing Trader waits several days for each transaction; Therefore, it analyzes longer-term charts.

Some of the best swing trading strategies are crossover moving averages, cup and handle patterns, head, and shoulders, flags, and triangles. Also, candlesticks can be suitable for this method in combination with indicators.

Finally, every swing trader has a plan and strategy that suits him.

For this method of crypto exchange, the trader must constantly monitor the price movements of the desired asset and design his strategy based on his trading personality and the behavior of the market. This is not an easy task; Because no strategy or plan always works correctly.

By managing risk and adjusting the amount of risk to reward, you don’t need to win all the time; Because the result of your profit and loss will always be positive.

Swing trading time frames

For digital currency trading using this method, we usually check mid-term and long-term time frames to make sure of the market trend or to get confirmation of the trend. But the most important time frame to consider in swing trading is the daily time frame.

After getting the confirmation of the trend in the higher timeframes, we should check the smaller timeframes such as one hour, four hours, and twelve hours to find a suitable entry point. Of course, the point that should be taken into account before all these materials are to check the fundamental status of the cryptocurrency project in question. Since our trading position may remain open for several weeks, therefore, before opening a trading position, we must make sure of the fundamental condition of the cryptocurrency.

How to start swing trading?

According to the medium time that the swing trader chooses, he can include better and more correct decisions in his transactions. An important point to keep in mind to start buying and selling cryptocurrency with this strategy is the importance of technical, fundamental, and such analysis.

As mentioned in the difference between swing trading and day trading, a person who does day trading may not pay attention to the fundamental conditions of cryptocurrency and earn acceptable profits from the market with the same methods and tools available in technical analysis.

Considering that trading is a kind of skill that is acquired gradually and with the passage of time and most importantly by gaining experience, a person who starts the learning process may not be able to profit from the market for a long time.

What percentage of times does swing trading result in a profit?

Swing trading is becoming more prominent in the economic sectors as a result of its potential for making rapid gains from short-term market changes. This possibility for making profit is what makes swing trading so appealing. Studies have shown that swing traders have a higher likelihood of making a profit over the long run; however, specific data are not yet accessible. Swing trading is a type of trading that focuses on smaller price changes than more conventional approaches. As a result, traders may reduce their exposure to the danger of experiencing significant market swings.

Who should consider participating in swing trading?

A trader who isn’t just starting out would be the best candidate for this position. The discipline known as swing trading is one that is considered to be more difficult, despite the fact that it may become less challenging as one’s degree of expertise increases. In this context, “strategic experience” or “particular competence” refers to someone who has worked before with a trading form of the sort being discussed.


We tried in the article to provide you with information about swing trading and examine the advantages and disadvantages of it, also examining the difference between daily trading and it for you so that you have information in this field and you can make profits using this strategy. As we said, swing trading is a type of trading that tries to get short-term to medium-term profits from stock within a few days to a few weeks.

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