Tron (TRX) was created from the ground up to create a decentralized internet. To put it simply, Tron’s effort was to create a free content production system around the world using blockchain technology. The project aims to enable users to create the content or application they want, regardless of the central service. Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized content delivery protocol that was created to create a decentralized network infrastructure.

In other words, the TRON project seeks to decentralize the internet platform by providing a blockchain-based system for smart contracts and decentralized applications. At a time when big corporations like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon control and profit from vast amounts of internet data, Tron’s goal is to take that power away from them and give it back to users.

What is Tron?

Tron and its acronym (TRX) is a native digital currency on the TRON platform. Tron is based in Singapore and is managed by Justin Sun. It aims to create a decentralized content-sharing and entertainment network. In the Tron ecosystem, anyone can host their content on the blockchain network more efficiently and cost-effectively. Its main network is called TRONSCAN. As a result, Tron can set the necessary rules and regulations for the network. It can also run various decentralized applications (DApps) via Tron protocol smart contracts. Its latest DApp success is the launch of BitTorrent partner DLive protocol.

Using Tron blockchain is very simple. As we mentioned earlier, this platform is most useful for content creators or decentralized app and program designers. These people can share their content and programs with others on the Tron blockchain. In this way, users who want to use this application or content have to pay some money to its creator. The transaction currency is used to conduct such transactions. With this system, manufacturers can communicate directly with their customers and charge them directly for their services.

This idea is very smart because it increases the demand for TRON digital currency. On the other hand, the turnover of the TRX digital currency market will increase. All this together makes the TRON digital currency more viable. Using and working with the Tron blockchain is indeed easy, but how this blockchain works is complicated. We cannot use the mining protocol to use the Tron network; The reason is that in this network the Proof of Work (POW) algorithm is not used instead, it uses the Proof of Stake algorithm. In this algorithm, anyone can participate in the transaction confirmation process, and for this, it is enough to buy TRX; After that, by giving a certain amount of digital currency, Tron becomes one of the nodes of the network.

The Future of Tron

To date, Tron has made a lot of progress and has very ambitious goals. If we take a closer look at this network and its digital currency, we conclude that the future technology of the world is the Tron Blockchain. If such an event happens, Tron digital currency will become the future money of the world. Considering that the world is moving towards decentralization against the wishes of the government and the people supporting it, the day is not far when TRON becomes the best blockchain in the world.

The network hopes to be able to eliminate middlemen who do not allow information and data to reach people directly. If Tron fully realizes these goals, we will have a full internet without limited control. Many believe that Tron will not be fully established, and these reasons have caused this currency to face problems in gaining global trust and acceptance. But if we consider only the performance of Tron and the progress it has made during this time, this currency has great potential to become number one in this field. Therefore, we recommend that you allocate a portion of your investment portfolio to buy Tron.

Is it good to invest in Tron?

Considering the decentralized software and applications built on the Tron platform, as well as the Tron Foundation’s plans to develop and improve its own network, Tron’s future could be very beneficial for investors. ┬áThere are high hopes that in the future, the TRON network will remove the content middlemen in the first step and then become the best financial infrastructure in the world. It is even possible that this coin will not be able to work according to its plans, so you should always follow the news of Tron and see how well it has managed to carry out its plans.

Future Tron price predictions

The growing popularity of digital content with the promise of low prices has become a promising endeavor in the Tron blockchain space. TRX is one of the cryptocurrencies that has brought great returns to investors, especially early investors. In addition, Mr. Sun claimed that the price of this digital currency will reach $2.5 in the coming years. In the beginning, reaching such a price was far from what was expected, but after such a long period of time, it grew phenomenally. In the coming years, all 100 billion units of TRON will be sold and will no longer be produced, which will lead to further growth of this digital currency.


Since Tron started its work at the beginning of 2018, it is considered an initial project, and considering that the focus of the Tron project is now on providing smart contracts and decentralized applications, we have a difficult task ahead of us, because it is a long time. Since the creation of Tron, two projects, Ethereum and IAS, have been successfully working to provide smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Therefore, if Tron wants to succeed and surpass these two projects, it must offer something above and different from these two projects. According to all tested statistics, Tron and IAS are currently in very close competition in terms of decentralized applications and the number of active users who use them, but Tron sometimes uses different methods, which is one of the reviews. By DappReview, we have seen, it creates false statistics, which can have a positive effect on the price of Tronics in the short term, but in the long term, by publishing pages that do not check these statistics considering various criteria, it can make this project end badly.


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