One of the most important sources of digital currency information is the Coinmarketcap website. Coinmarketcap is one of the most reliable sources for monitoring the price of cryptocurrencies, which enjoys special popularity and credibility among users of the cryptocurrency market. The best feature that distinguishes the CoinmarketCap website is the completeness and functionality of the website. In this article, from the Digital currency signal site, we review the CoinmarketCap reference site. If you want to better understand the cryptocurrency space and especially the fundamental analysis of cryptocurrencies, be sure to check the Coin Market Cap website as one of your daily activities. The website Coinmarketcap has proven to be a reference for all digital currency traders and must check and work with different strategies. You should always consider capital management and staying true to your strategy.

What is CoinmarketCap?

If we want to give a general definition of the CoinmarketCap website, this website can be called a large database in the field of cryptocurrencies. The information and services provided on this site are free for all users and this is a great advantage in terms of expenses. Whether you want to see charts, the latest changes in your desired cryptocurrency, or have a customizable portfolio, the coinmarketcap website provides all these services in the most complete way. This site was created by Brandon Chez in 2013. The site covers various digital currencies by collecting and tracking price s. Other sites get their data mainly from CoinMarketCap. This site is even used to check the accuracy of other sites in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Importance of using CoinmarketCap site

Using the CoinMarketCap website is important in many ways. Many users are still not familiar with this site and use the services of other sites to get information about them. Sites where there is no certainty about the reliability of their information. On the other hand, users and traders who use the CoinmarketCap site are not aware of many data and information related to it and know what useful features and information are on this site. The importance of training a CoinmarketCap site is probably a little more important than training a news site for digital currency traders. If you use the information on this website well:

  • You will have a better plan for your transactions in the digital currency market.
  • You will be less associated with weak digital currencies.
  • You will better understand the basic nature of each cryptocurrency.
  • You can choose the best investment option using the services of this website.
  • You will get reliable information.
  • You can familiarize yourself with the main ranking of cryptocurrencies

How to use CoinmarketCap?

The CoinmarketCap website is designed to be very easy to operate and user-friendly. Those who wish to search for digital currency and view information such as price, market volume, amount of coins in use, etc. They do not need to register on this site and can get the information they need just by entering it. But if someone is looking for more complete information and more experience than this, register on this site and enter their portfolio, they can enjoy different tools to test digital currencies and get better experience in this field. Note that you do not have to pay any fee to register on the Coin Market Cap site. All you need is a valid email and password for your personal account.

How to register in Coin Market Cap?

To register at Coin Market Cap, you must complete the following three steps.

1.First, log into the Coin Market Cap site at and click the sign up option in the top right corner of the page.



2.Enter a valid email address along with your preferred password in the window that opens, then click create account.


3.In the final step, an email will be sent to the address you specified, which, after confirmation, will complete the process of registering your name in coinmarketcap, and you will be able to log in to this website with your e-mail and password.


Introducing the different sections of the CoinmarketCap

When you visit the CoinmarketCap page, the information will be displayed at the top of the page and we will briefly explain each of these items below.

Cryptos: In this section, as the name suggests, the number of all digital currencies that you can find on this page and that are supported by Coin Market Cap are displayed. At the time of writing, 22,776 cryptocurrencies can be seen on this website.

Exchanges: In the exchange section, the number of exchanges in the field of digital currency will be shown to you, which currently has 557 digital currency exchanges in the world.

Market Cap: Market cap means market size, this option shows the total size of the digital currency market, which is currently equal to $1,028,814,472,363.

24h Vol: In this section, as you can guess from the name, you have the opportunity to see the 24-hour volume of the digital currency market.

Dominance: Dominance means dominance, and this segment indicates that digital currencies have the largest share of the cryptocurrency market.

ETH Gas: In the last section, you can learn about the latest transaction fees on the Ethereum network. At the time of writing this article, the limit is 20 (Gwei).

If you want to know the full price and economic information about the best digital currencies on the market, go to the “Cryptocurrencies” section. In this section, you can specify the tokens and coins you want according to the filter placed in front of this section.

Information about cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap


This section shows the current price of digital currencies. It should be noted that this price is based on the average prices shown on other exchanges. The main source of these prices, however, is the Binance exchange.


You can see the price change of each digital currency in the last 1 hour and its fall and rise in this section.


In this section, you can see the price change of your desired digital currency in the last 24 hours, the decrease and increase in 24 hours.


This section shows the price change of each digital currency in the last 7 days.

Market Cap

You can see the market size of each cryptocurrency in this section.

Volume (24h)

See the amount of money traded for each digital currency in the last 24 hours in this section.

Circulating Supply

This section shows the current currency rate in circulation for each digital currency.

Last 7 Day

In this section you can see the chart of the last 7 days of the digital currency you want.

How to get details about any coin/token

If you click on a coin/token name in the leaderboard, you will be taken to its dashboard, where you can see some key metrics. Including:

  • market price
  • Trade Volume
  • Price (in USD, BTC, and sometimes ETH)
  • Circulating supply, total supply, and maximum supply if any
  • Graphical data

CoinMarketCap has reliable links with exchanges and cryptocurrencies that provide consistent and accurate information.  This is important when we realize that not everyone can get regular and accurate data from hundreds of exchanges and thousands of cryptocurrencies. Other information on this page includes:

  • CoinMarketCap Rating
  • The money you want is a coin or a token
  • How many lists are there to watch?
  • Official Coin/Token website
  • The link provided on CoinMarketCap is very reliable. In this case, we will provide additional information.
  • The link shows the active forum
  • Website to review coin or token transaction information, some cryptocurrencies have multiple pages.
  • Usually a Telegram link to discuss the respective cryptocurrency and its support
  • Coin/Token Source Code
  • white paper
  • The contract number in the respective blocks

Introducing the exchange page

The most important thing listed on the exchanges page is their Coin Market Cap ranking based on activity, liquidity, services, internet traffic and other criteria Because of this, it can be a good criterion to choose an exchange.


In the columns in front of each exchange, the amount of transactions in 24 hours is specified, the higher it is, the stronger the exchange and the better liquidity you will have. The market column shows the number of tokens and coins, the more it is, the more investment opportunities there are and as a result, you can classify exchanges accordingly. There is also a trading point here: some exchanges have their coins or tokens, such as BNB, the coin of the Binance exchange. Can you tell from the information here whether this currency is rising or not? The greater the number of transactions, connections, and activities on the exchange, the more this exchange will grow.

Get to know the watch list and portfolio section

In the Wallet section, you can register your digital currency wallet on the website and monitor it continuously through the website and app. In the Watchlist section of the Watchlist, you can also add your desired currency and decide to buy and invest in it by checking its basic conditions at different time intervals.

With a simple email signup, you can sign up for our coin market cap page, add your holdings here, and start monitoring. In the watch list section, there is a possibility that is shown as popular. This section shows you examples of watchlists that are very popular so that this topic can become a community for this coin or token, so you can also add digital currencies in popular watchlists to your watchlist and see what strategies you can use about them.

Familiarity with Coin Market Cap products

The Coin Market Cap product section is one of the unknowns. In this section, there is a converter that converts Bitcoin to all world currencies and you can see its value in Euro, Dollar, Yuan, and any other currency. Of course, due to the volatility of the Iranian currency market, it is impossible to rely on the value of the rial. Other Coin Market Cap products include mobile apps, blogging tools, transaction monitoring, and job advertising. There is also a campaign section for Binance users, where you watch several videos about the project and then take a simple test.

After a few days, some of the tokens of this project will be deposited into your account in Binance. There is a home release calendar section on the site that you can use if you are in that area. There is also an event schedule section, such as a calendar of crypto events such as token burns or project news.

The best way to get CoinMarket Cap signals

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to dig a digital mine or you’re looking to trade a specific cryptocurrency. To get free crypto signals from Coin Market Cap, you should pay attention to some key points on each digital currency’s dedicated page, such as:

1.  Cryptocurrency trading volume

A decrease or increase in the volume of transactions with a cryptocurrency gives you important information about the possibility of an increase or decrease in its value, especially in the short term.

2. Status of cryptocurrency holders

Information in CoinMarketCap’s “Cryptocurrency Holders” section will help you analyze the behavior of major cryptocurrency traders. Typically, information about transactions worth more than $100,000 for each cryptocurrency is provided by CoinMarketCap every day.

3. Study of the behavior of members of the cryptocurrency community

The number of members of each cryptocurrency community on social networks, as well as their type of activity, can be checked on the Coin Market Cap website. Using this section, you can monitor the validity of the digital currency and the behavior of its community members.


In this article, we reviewed the website Coinmarketcap. This completely free website allows traders to significantly increase the quality of their trades. And have fun trading and trading using the tools on this site. Obviously, you don’t need all the items on the site to make your transactions. Our suggestion is to use the tools presented according to your needs and significantly reduce the risk of your transactions. coinmarketcap is a great source of data for both novice and experienced traders. The site is customizable and it’s easy to see why CoinMarketCap is such a popular site.

The completeness of this website is one of the important features that cannot be easily overlooked. CoinMarketCap is one of the best of its kind. Also, the presence of mobile applications, ads, articles, and communities has increased the popularity of this site. CoinMarketCap’s reliability is so high that it lists cryptocurrencies as a plus for these assets. In addition, user opinions about the project are among other things that interest many people.

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