The best blockchain oracles are our topic of discussion in this article, if we want to summarize the impact of oracles, we can say that oracles are actually responsible for providing the information required for smart contracts. In this way, oracles collect important information from sources such as physical hardware such as the Internet of Things (IoT) or software such as applications for high volume data, which the oracles can source appropriately and under smart control. Agreements. Give If this question arises to you, what does the information collected by astrologers consist of? You should know that this information includes temperature, price changes, data updates and successful transactions. The remarkable thing about oracles is that they do not all work the same and each of them has its own application and based on this application, it is classified into several software, hardware, input, production and agreement based groups. In this article, you will know the symptoms of acne.

Apa Oracle?

If you are one of the people who follow the world of blockchain, you have undoubtedly heard the name of oracles many times and also asked what are oracles. As you know, there are many concepts in the blockchain world that cannot be defined, and Oracle is one of them. According to the above definitions, it can be concluded that the Oracle is actually the entity that connects the blockchain to the offline systems, and the main use of the Oracle is to connect the blockchain to the offline systems so that the smart contracts within the network establish the necessary connection with the outside world and thus become a tangible contract. It is also better to know that Oracles, in addition to connecting to external sources of information, have the ability to check and analyze the accuracy of the data.

Introducing the best blockchain oracles

As you know, many blockchain oracles are always competing with each other to finally show the best performance in providing such data; Although there is a complete list of top oracles, this list will reduce a lot of confusion, in this section you can learn about the best blockchain oracles.

Chain link

If we want to introduce a list of the best blockchain oracles, there is no doubt that Oracle Chainlink is one of our most suitable options. Chainlink is known as one of the leading blockchain oracles, and the reason for blockchain’s popularity is that Chainlink, with a market value of over $1 billion, is considered one of the most powerful oracles in the field; This has led us to place this oracle name at the top of the list.

If you have been wondering how Oracle Chain Link works, you should know that the main job of Chain Link is to transfer data off-chain or network to different blockchains, such as layer 1 blockchain, layer 2 solutions, decentralized applications and transfer pages. chains.

It is also better to know that Oracle Chainlink relies on two very important and powerful capabilities, Verifiable Random Functions (VRF) and Automation. A VRF service is a protocol that generates a set of random values ​​in addition to testing values; China Link’s VRF protocol uses smart contracts to make its results invisible; The automated service is responsible for maintaining smart contracts.

Protocol Band

The Band Protocol Oracle is second in the list of blockchain data. The core of the campaign is a media platform based on the Cosmos ecosystem, which includes a set of communication networks; Cryptographic provisions provide fool proof data for smart contracts; These streams use the public blockchain, BandChain.

BandChain Blockchain validators receive data from APIs and other Internet sources and transmit it to users and organizations. Protocol Block Cosmas can send data to different blockchains using the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

Decentralized Information Asset (DIA)

Decentralized Data Assets Oracle (DIA) is ranked third in the list of top blockchain oracles. This Oracle is known as an open source platform designed and launched specifically for the DeFi field and is also heavily used in this field. Also Decentralized Data Assets Oracle (DIA) provides transparent pricing information and does so using cryptocurrencies. It is better to know that the information provided in this report has been verified by many well-known companies in this field.

One of the most important functions of the Oracle Decentralized Information Asset (DIA) is that the users of this Oracle can modify the working method and resources of the DIA data flows according to their needs, and then create their own news channels; When users create their own feeds, they can access Oracle DIA services for free; This made the oracle very popular among users.

You should know that the shareholders always verify the data about the share price so that the shareholders confirm the validity of the data. Another important aspect of Oracle DIA is that Oracle’s very high scalability allows it to adapt to changes and dynamics in the DIA field. Oracle DIA services are offered for various blockchains including Ethereum, Phantom, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon and Arbitrum.

Introducing the top blockchain oracles

I-Oracle Universal Market Access noma i-UMA

Oracle Universal Market Access or UMA is known as the fourth best oracle on the block and the reason for this is because of the high efficiency and performance of Oracle Universal Market Access or UMA. These two features make this oracle one of the best blockchain oracles for developers. UMA, like other oracles, is an oracle based on the Ethereum network, and the most important function of this oracle is to allow users to create smart financial contracts and synthetic assets using smart contract models.

A synthetic financial contract is actually a type of real asset such as derivatives. Artificial contracts monitor and execute the performance and pricing of derivatives using smart contracts; As a result, investors can invest in the markets without actually entering the markets and facing the associated problems.

XYO Network Oracle

The XYO network uses a proof-of-origin consensus algorithm. In this type of algorithm, the location of objects or people is determined by “bound witness” interactions. The XYO network consists of 4 physical components, each of which has a different application; Sentinels, Bridges, Diviners, and Archivists prove that different blockchain oracles have different structures.

Sentinels are known as temporary location detection solutions managed by a ledger. Bridges interpret geographic data and transmit it from guards to archives. Guessers are devices used to find ways to solve problems, archivists receive data from bridges and store it and transmit it to guessers.

Oracle Tellor

This Oracle always uses customer reports in its most important functions. In the report client definition It can be said that it really Then the report clients are a network of different reports. One of the most important jobs of a press is researching, verifying and verifying information. Additionally, this agreement provides two types of data feeds: spot prices and regular prices. Spot price feeds display market data from existing APIs, and custom price feeds change data based on customer demand.

Oracle Network Dos

DOS Network Oracle is another main blockchain oracle that is very popular, DOS is actually a decentralized second layer oracle network that supports countless blockchain networks. One of the most important features of a DOS network is that it guarantees access to instantaneous data streams.

It is also better to know that the high speed internet of Dos in providing Oracle data to smart contracts that work on instant information is very important and effective. Also, another feature that made this network popular is that the Dos network is capable of doing offline transactions in just one second, and this speed is impressive. On the other hand, the performance of layer 1 protocols limited the efficiency of the Dos network.


Oracle Nest Protocol (Nest)

The Ethereum-based Nest protocol is actually a fully decentralized oracle. This protocol guarantees the accuracy of off-chain data using a reference system called reference mining; As a result, the Nest protocol can provide a direct Oracle process with 3 participants in the network. The 3 participants of the Nest network are price callers, miners, and validators.

Developers can also use Nest Network’s Probabilistic Virtual Machine (PVM). In addition to the assets, this virtual machine has a basic functionality base that is almost identical to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The Nest Protocol uses the NEST token to power the Oracle ecosystem and reward network participants.


Oracle iExec RLC

Oracle iExec RLC is one of Oracles top blockchains, and one of its most important features is Oracle iExec services that connect Web 2 applications and businesses to the third generation of the Web.

Oracle is known as a unique platform with a set of popular APIs used to create documents for the Web 3. Another reason for Oracle’s popularity is that users can rent computing services while retaining ownership of the equipment.

Oracle’s most important application in the blockchain

In blockchain networks, oracles usually have very different applications. This entity can be effective and practical in all cases where the blockchain network needs to connect to the real world. Below we discuss the most important applications of Oracle in Blockchain:

Decentralized economy

Oracle has always been recognized as one of the most important needs of a decentralized financial system, as most of the decentralized finance system must always access financial information about assets and market conditions through Oracle. As mentioned in the previous sections, priests usually collect important information, to better understand the issue, consider the following example:

Unclassified financial products can use pricing terms to determine creditworthiness, screen eligible users, and even penalize late fees. This technique is also used to attach signs to real-world properties. The auto market maker is also used to concentrate the available liquidity in the market, with the goal of increasing investment, which requires the use of keywords.

Games and NFTs

Note that Oracle’s main applications for smart contracts are financial, but Oracles always have various non-financial applications in addition to financial. Oracles can be used, for example, in the reward system of video games, in fact, the oracles can be used to randomly distribute rewards to players. On the other hand, oracles can also be used in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), whose appearance, value or distribution can change according to real-world events such as weather.

insurance sector

Other applications of oracles can be seen in the field of insurance, oracles also play a very colorful role in the insurance industry. The oracles in this area obtain the necessary information for compensation through intelligent insurance contracts with highly specialized methods; On the other hand, oracles are also used as a tool to obtain access to damages, physical sensors, satellite images and legal information.

Introducing the top blockchain oracles

Use in companies

Oracles play different roles in different companies. Companies that are always looking to expand in the big blockchain world can read and write on the blockchain network using oracle; On the other hand, companies can use Arc to make complex transactions and make decisions about how to transfer assets and information on chains. Finally, small and large enterprises that seek continuous improvement can quickly participate with large blockchain needs without wasting time and resources and provide smart contract services that users need, which can be of great benefit to these enterprises; But one thing that is surprising about words is that while using words can lead to progress, on the other hand, using these words can come with many challenges.

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