EthraScan is known as an advanced search engine or analysis platform that allows you to get information about Ethereum blockchain transactions.In fact, Etherscan is a powerful and reliable tool that allows you to track Ethereum transactions.Use of this site is not limited to this subject matter. You can also use EthraScan to search for transactions, wallets, smart contracts and other information on the network.In this article, we will review the Etherscan site and everything you need to know about it; Follow the official Digital Currency Signal website to find the answer to all your questions.

Knowing the Etherscan site

Etherscan is a popular and secure platform for tracking transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. You can see details of past transactions, wallets, smart contracts, NFTs and everything about Ethereum history using this tool. EtherScan is a free service that allows you to search transactions. Please note that this site does not provide a cryptocurrency wallet or cryptocurrency exchange. Rather, this free tool is used to view Ethereum transactions and some other features. There is no need to register to use the EtherScan WebSite; However, if you want to access the full functionality of the site, you must create an account.

What is the Etherscan site used for?

Etherscan is a free and popular platform that has many uses. This site, like the Tornado Cash platform, gives you the ability to track Ethereum transactions. But using EtraScan is not limited to this issue and you can use it for various purposes. In general, the EtherScan Site is used for the following purposes:

  • Search or approve smart contracts
  • View digital currency assets held in public wallets
  • Ethereum Network gas accounting
  • Review and cancel wallet visits for distributed applications (DApps)
  • Find deals related to Ethereum wallets
  • Track authorized smart contracts for users
  • View transactions on the Ethereum blockchain (including successful, failed or pending transactions)
  • Discover and review smart contracts with certified source code and security reviews
  • Monitor progress and progress
  • Get more information about Ethereum (Ethereum changes and developments, Ethereum price, information about Ethereum-related events and conferences)


Why should we use Etherscan site?

If you want more detailed information about Ethereum, you should use the Etrascan site. EtherScan is a powerful platform that supports all information related to transactions, confirmations and changes in Ethereum. Etherscan is based on the Ethereum blockchain and covers information about Ethereum. In fact, using this website allows you to keep up with the history and events related to Ethereum. Learning more in this area will help you understand the behavior of Ethereum users and investors and take the necessary steps to protect your capital and wallet security by detecting suspicious transactions.

Teaching how to use etherscan in various situations

How to search transactions and wallets on Etherscan

One of EtherScan’s fundamental features and applications is transaction tracking. Understanding how to track cryptocurrency is key to unlocking the rest of the blockchain. For example, imagine you sent 0.025 ether (ETH) from your wallet to the following public address:


You also paid a transaction fee of 0.001559212674537 ETH. After the transaction, your wallet will show this TXID:


Let’s say you want to check the transaction confirmation number and see if it was sent successfully.

  1. Go to the Etherscan home page and click on the search box at the top of the page.


  1. Then copy and paste the transaction ID (TXID) into the search field and click the search icon.



  1. Now you can see all the details about your specific transaction.



4.You can also click the “Click to see more” button for more detailed information, but for now, let’s just check the default screen. From the above data, it is easy to see a successful transaction and get enough confirmation. You can also check the status of the transaction by viewing the recipient’s wallet. To do this, you need to go back to the search bar and paste the received wallet address:




At the bottom of the page we see a list of all transactions related to the address:


The red transaction is the 0.025 ETH you actually sent. You may see it marked as entered, indicating that the address you are looking for is on the receiving end. At the top of the page, you can also see the wallet balance details.


Using Etherascan to verify smart contracts

Smart contracts can be read and modified without the need for special authorization using “Read and Write Contract” in the EtraScan app. These sheets provide information about various tokens and smart contracts. Users can also use these features to initiate token transfers and secure smart contract sales.

Using the Etrascan password verification checker, it is possible to remove access to the token from the user’s wallet. When users interact with decentralized applications (DApps) to buy or exchange tokens, they directly touch the user’s wallet. As such, DApps are attractive targets for scammers seeking access to Ethereum users’ wallet addresses. If users see suspicious activity or think their DApp has been hacked, they can use Etrascan to revoke the suspicious user’s access to a specific wallet address. The user’s assets inside the wallet will not be lost, but the user will have to reauthorize the token the next time they access the DApp.

the last word

EtherScan is a free website and platform that is not difficult to work with. When you are looking for detailed information about a project or sale on the Ethereum network and you want to check the smart contract and wallet connected to it, the only place that can provide you with this information is EtherScan or similar sites. In addition, other sections have been built into EtherScan so that users can see the current fees of the Ethereum network and the latest airdrops happening on the network and participate in them if needed. Another issue is learning how to work with Ether Scan, you can also work with other blockchain scanners, such as BSCScan, which belongs to Binance’s smart blockchain. Because most of these probes are taken from the scan codes of the ether and therefore are very similar to it.

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