What is a full node And what is its use 1

What is a full node? And what is its use?

Blockchain is a decentralized network with records stored in blocks. Each block is associated with a time stamp and can be stored on any computer that processes transactions on the blockchain. In fact Blockchain is managed and controlled by a network of computers called nodes that distribute blocks in a database. For this reason, in this part of the discussion…

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What is X Defi wallet

What is X Defi wallet?

As you know, cryptocurrency market is one of the best financial markets for investment, many people have entered this market and made huge profits by buying and selling digital currency. ¬†You can also invest. For this you need to know the various tools. An encrypted wallet or purse is among these devices. The X-Fi wallet is also an example of…

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What is the Grid Trading Strategy

What is the Grid Trading Strategy?

Traders in the cryptocurrency market use different strategies and methods to profit from price fluctuations. Each of these trading strategies and techniques has its own characteristics. Therefore, knowing the characteristics and performance of each of these trading methods will help you choose the best trading strategy. One strategy is grid trading. For this reason, in this article we want to…

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The difference between Spot and Margin transactions

The difference between Spot and Margin transactions

There are different ways to start trading in the cryptocurrency market, such as getting a cryptosignal, etc. If you are active in this market, you may be familiar with terms like margin, spot, and futures trading. Each of these trading markets offers specific features and characteristics to the trader. Margin and spot transactions are not so complex and complicated. So,…

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What is over trade crypto and how does it work

What is over trade crypto and how does it work?

Overtrade refers to the excessive buying and selling of digital currency that many traders and traders like to use this method to profit from cryptocurrency price fluctuations. However, ultimately high risk and lack of capital control can lead to huge losses. In simpler terms, having too many open positions and using too much capital in trades is called overtrading. Try…

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Is Cryptocurrency Winter Over1

Is Cryptocurrency Winter Over?

According to Official Website Digital Currency Signals, the effects of the crypto winter caused losses for investors, companies and digital currencies for most of last year. With Bitcoin’s recent surge to over $37,000, some believe that the cold market conditions may be improving. In the traditional stock market, a bull market occurs when a major stock market index, such as…

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What is a guild project?

In any society, people with similar interests and tastes meet to consult and talk about their common and favorite subjects. People who are even interested in digital gambling also gather in a group called Guild Project to share their favorite data and information. Of course, the players’ association goes by other names, but the guild is one of the oldest…

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What is EtherMail?

The world of digital currency and blockchain is growing and evolving at an incredible pace. Meanwhile, the most attractive and convenient option called EtherMail appears on the Ethereum platform, a major and fierce competitor for email and Gmail services. In this article, we will introduce Ethereum Airdrop that has been approved and will pay users in the near future. We…

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What is SmartWeave?

One of the most important decisions for independent blockchain developers is choosing the right method for implementing smart contracts. SmartWeave is an additional solution for implementing smart contracts in the blockchain EVM system. This article explores the advantages of Ethereum Virtual Machine EVM and SmartWeave as two different options for developers. Getting to know SmartWeave SmartWeave is a model for…

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Description of the Finney Attack

The Finney Attack, the first known attack on the Bitcoin network, was discovered by the first person to buy Bitcoin. This type of attack is a special double-spending attack that affects Bitcoin and any cryptocurrency derived from it. In this article, you will learn about the Finney attack and how it works, how it affects the cryptocurrency space, and how…

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